Frequently asked questions about hair extensions

What Are The Best Hair Extension and What Is Virgin Hair?

Virgin hair is considered one of the best quality of hair that has no color, has no chemical changes, and all cuticles are intact.

Does This Hair Shed or Tangle?

All hair extensions shed to some degree, but after through testing and wefting processes, we proudly stand by the fact that our hair has very minimal shedding if any at all, even after washing.

Can The Hair Extensions Be Colored?

Yes they can, but we would recommend that you consult with a licensed colorist or stylist before applying any type of color or bleach to the hair. .

*Please note that we are not liable for any damage done to hair once it has be dyed and/or bleached.

How Long Should The Hair Last?

With proper care, our extensions can last between 12 and 24 months.